Thursday, September 27, 2012

Our Family has grown!

I just noticed that our family has grown a lot since my last post. Here are some updated pictures.
Kim is in 5th grade and is almost 10. Hadley is in 3rd grade and is 8.
Jackson and Dave are always working on the Suburban together and loving it.  
 Jackson is 2 and loves to sing. He only has to listen to a song once to know the tune and most of the words. 
 Emily is 8 months and is climbing and crawling on and over everything. She is so happy and loving.
We also got a sail boat that we are bringing us to Seattle. We are so excited to sail around the Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands. 
 Dave and I wanted to go to Maine before we left so we sent the girls to school and jumped in the car and started driving. We got to play on the beach and have lunch then we headed home to get the girls off the bus. 

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nateandecho said...

Hi Katie, I was friends with Dave when he served his mission in Auburn, AL but lost touch with him. Could you please tell him that Nate Crocker said hello and I would love to catch up with him. Have him shoot me an email to n8crocker @