Monday, July 2, 2007

Last Minute Trip!

I got home from a very long month of traveling. Being home only 20% of the month I was ready for a break. I had travelled all over California these last few weeks and I get a call from Dave saying we have something planned for this weekend so be ready. I thought it would just be a great relaxing weekend at home. Little did I know we weren't staying home this weekend. At the very last minute we decided to go to Zion's National Park in Utah. Yes you saw that right we were in southern Utah this weekend. We really needed a weekend out with just our little family. It gave Dave and I a chance to chat and the girls got a fun time with both Mom and Dad with NO work! We took some great pictures.
We stayed in St. George, Utah on Saturday night. We stopped by to visit the Temple in St. George. It was so beautiful.
We got some great pictures of Zion's National Park.
A picture of Dave and the girls standing on the slick-rock. It isn't really slick until it gets wet. So needless to say it was really easy to walk on.
This hill was really neat. It was white on the top portion and the bottom is red. It looks like someone put a white rock on top of a red rock. The picture just doesn't do it justice. We had a great time as a family.

4 Wheel Drive Trip to Big Bear, CA

This picture is one that Kim took on our last 4 wheel drive trip to Big Bear. Hadley is usually scared of us airing down the tires. (Letting the air out of your tires, yes on purpose!)
This is Hadley just being really cute. Kim took this picture!
We took some great pictures of the Jeep. We found a couple out on the trail that wanted to follow along. We ended up having a great time.