Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Jeep got a lift!

Dave has been wanting a lift for the Jeep to enable us to do a little more challenging trails than what we could do with the stock Jeep. Today we put it on. He got it on Thursday and couldn't wait for the weekend to put it on.

Kim saw what he was doing and insisted on helping. She had chores in the house to get done before she was allowed to go out and play with Dad. So she quickly finished her chores and ran outside.

Once Hadley had heard how much fun Kim was having she too wanted to go out and help. I really wanted to go and help too so we made it a family activity.

Once the lift was on the girls played in the car while I put the tools away and Dave cleaned up. Hadley decided that she was taking the wheel. Man, I am scared for her to drive!

While my little racer was sitting in the front seats dreaming of the day she can drive, Kim was in the back. She talks about going to Disneyland again. She keeps a map with her almost all of the time and it comes to haunt us. She and Hadley talk about all the rides they are going to go on the next time we go to Disneyland. Which by the way will be on March 5. Hadley is getting a her annual pass because we finally have to start paying for her because she will be 3 years old. I can't believe how fast these last few years have gone. I definitely love the age my girls are at. I don't have to do bottles, pacifiers, nor diapers. They bring so much life to our home.