Sunday, October 28, 2007

Primary Halloween Party

We just had our Halloween Party for Primary on Friday. The girls were so excited to go that they were ready an hour before we had to leave.
Kim wanted to be Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) this year. That is all she has talked about since we went to Disneyland in Septemer.
Hadley on the other hand couldn't decide. So we went through several different ideas on what she wanted to be and finally she decided on a ballerina. We had rented Angelina the Ballerina from the library and she started dancing around the house. We got her some dancing slippers and she even wears them to bed.
Kim also has a school parade at school on Halloween and a party that they are looking forward to. So stay tuned for those pictures. :)

Who does she look like?

Thanks to Jessica I found this great website. Plus I get prove that my kids actually look like me. I wonder if the meter was trying to tell me, "This kid doesn't look like either of you."

The first time I did this I used a different picture of Dave and Hadley came out 6% more like me. I like this picture better of Dave plus, she looks equally like Dave and I. :) If you would like to try it just click on one of our pictures.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Kim turns 5!

Kim turned 5 on October 9th. She got several cards from school and they sang to her. She loved going to school on her birthday.

I decided to make her a birthday cake that she would never forget. Well that is for sure. The cake took me just about 4 hours to decorate. I baked the cakes the night before and froze them to make it easier to frost. I had a great time making the cake.
Kim also had her first real birthday party. We had 3 friends come over and play. Kim asked if they could have Mac n Cheese for dinner. So we made dinner, opened presents, ate cake and needless to say played REALLY Hard.

We also went to the Golden Gate bridge when Misty was in town. These are my pictures from that day. Misty got some great ones too.
The girls were hanging on the rings while Dave pushed them. At Kim's school they had a fall festival called the Westival. Dave, Mike (our really good friend) and the girls had a great time. We donated cupcakes and Dave served for a while. They had the greatest time. I am wish I could have been there.