Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Together Again

We are settled in our new home and are loving it. We have a pretty good schedule down now and the girls are doing great. Dave is on a rotating shift so it seems he is always at work, but we try to spend as much time with him as we can.
I have never seen the girls so happy and willing to help. Kim loves to vacuum and askes if we can do it every day. She knows that we can't vacuum when Dave is sleeping so she askes the second he wakes up. Hadley on the other hand loves to sweep. Since she can do that whenever she likes she sweeps daily. The girls even love doing the dishes. I have to supervise a little but the girls do a great job helping out.
When I was still in California and the girls were in Washington. Auntie Heather was helping take care of them. She and Dave enrolled Hadley in a dance class. She is doing really well and has her first recitel in June. We are already getting ready for it. She loves her ballet class and is actually doing rather well. It took her a while to get used to it and start enjoying it. Now I can't get her out of her ballet shoes. If I would let her she would wear her tap shoes around the house as well but since Dave works the graveyard shift it is a little too loud.
Kim had a party at school that I went to they had a lot of fun trying to read their Valentine's cards.

I am happy to say I love being able to stay home with the girls. I have what I call "Proud Mommy Moments." It is when one of the girls does something remarkable. Kim is learning to read. We read the scriptures everynight and Kim reads her share of verses. She is getting much better and looks forward to it. Hadley loves to look at the pictures and askes me to tell her the stories about the picture. Then at night when Kim is already asleep Hadley tells her dolls the stories we have read about in the scriptures. I just get so much joy out of watching them learn and grow. I do miss the younger versions of them but this time is so much fun. It is hard to imagine it getting better.