Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hadley's Birthday... Yes more

Hadley had a great time opening her gifts.

I was helping her open a gift from Uncle Rbert and Aunt Mindy. She can't wait to see inside.

Inside was a set of large legos which both girls love. We built everything you see here.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Hadley's Birthday Continued

Here is a picture of Hadley's cake. I tried something this year that didn't work as well as I had wanted it to. So it isn't the greatest cake but Hadley sure loved it.

Hadley's Birthday

Hadley's birthday was last weekend and we had a great time celebrating it. On Friday March 2, 2007 Hadley turned 3. She asked for Bacon, Eggs and Sticky Buns for breakfast so that is what we made. We were having a little party for her on Sunday so we didn't make 2 cakes. We just figured the sticky buns were sweet enough we could put a candle in it. So here she is blowing out the candle.

She had asked for Peter Pan the movie for her birthday. At the Disney Store you can preorder movies and they often times come with lithographs (pictures from the actual movie). Since the girl’s room is decorated in Tinker Bell we thought it would be very appropriate to hang them in her room.

Hadley got a princess castle with several of the Disney Princess Dolls. She and Kim love it so much. They play with it all of the time.

Nana came down for Hadley's birthday and she gave Hadley a tea set. Kim got one for Christmas and Hadley has been so jealous of it. Now that Hadley has her own, Kim is very jealous because Hadley has more pieces to her tea set than Kim. But they play tea together all of time. They are always bringing Dave and me things to eat and drink. They take our order just like a waitress and then they bring us our (pretend) food.