Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Playing in the Pool

Uncle Robert came over today and it was really hot. The girls decided that they were going to play in the pool. Uncle Robert thought that was a great idea until he realized that the girls play dirty when playing in the water. (Learned from Papa and Dave no doubt!)
I stayed safely behind the sliding glass door while Kim and Uncle Robert played with the hose.

Aunt Mindy & Alestair joined us later.

The girls just love being able to go out back and jump in the pool, especially when it is in the high 90's with no AC. Yikes it is HOT!
Alestair only had one diaper and needless to say it got really wet so he got to run around free for a while until Aunt Mindy decided that he needed some sort of diaper on. As you well know I don't have diapers in the house any longer... So we made one.

Yes, it does say Bon Appetite on the side of the dish towel we used for a cloth diaper.

We then added panties, or underwear if you are a boy. In my defense they at lease had blue on them. Uncle Robert wasn't happy to see his son in blue lace trimmed panties. We all had a great time, Thanks Robert and Mindy for stopping by.


Nana and Papa said...

I love the cloth diaper. It reminds me of the old days. Having a dishtowel has saved me plenty of times.

Julie said...

That looks like so much fun! I love the little pool and the cloth diaper too. No this isn't the first time I'm seeing this post I just noticed that I didn't comment last time. Thanks for sharing!