Monday, August 17, 2009

Catching Up

We finally got the Internet again so we are playing a little catch up. So much has happened since I wrote last. Well for one the snow is gone. :) Now it is hot! It is supposed to be in the 100's again tomorrow. The girls are growing like weeds. Every time I turn around they are bigger. They say the cutest things. I just started typing and trying to decide where to begin and paused for a second and Hadley chimed in and said, "Okay Begin" like it was a speed quiz or game. Just a second ago Hadley went into Dave and said, "Dad, we are having fun without you." I had to smile. She gets upset if we have fun without her but she was upset that we were having fun without Dave.

Kim on the other hand, is very smart and sassy. I am surprised that my little angel that could do no wrong says things that make me crazy. Yesterday we were practicing our Primary Program songs and she said to me with great enthusiasm, "Mom, (sigh) Singing just isn't my thing." I wanted to be mad since there was so much sass in her voice but it was hard. Dave just sat there and laughed.
We had a Butler Family Reunion that we went to for a day since I had to work and our car broke down. We had a great time. We played on the beach with Aunt Misty, Aunt Heather, Uncle Ryan, Emerson and Norah. The girls had a great time.
We have a friend that owns a car dealership and he has a Volkswagen Beetle. We play 'slug bug' all the time in the car and Hadley's nick name is 'The Bug' so taking a picture with Hadley in the "bug" was more than appropriate. She had a great time sitting in it especially in the driver's seat.
I will be updating my blog more often since I can from home now.


Kira said...

Nice you got to go somewhere. Lovely beach, and SOO Northwest overcast. You are still invited for Thanksgiving, I'll even let you cook...something.

Nana and Papa said...

It looks like you have fun at the beach. I love the pictures of the girls, and Hadley in the bug. She is the best at slug bug, my arm really can tell.