Monday, November 10, 2008


We took the girls Trunk-or-Treating at the church this year. We all had a great time. All of the Butlers that are in the Vancouver area went to our ward activity. It really helps that Neil, Dannelle and I are all in the same ward. Heather and Ryan decided they wanted to join us and Grammie too. Here are some fun pictures.

Kim cleaning her pumpkin.Hadley investigating her pumpkin's insides. And of course I totally forgot the traditional completed pumpkin picture. We got the kit from Disney for the princesses. Hadley and Dad made Cinderella. Kim and I made Arura from Sleeping Beauty.
Kim wanted to be a bride. She used my veil and had to have a Star-Gazer Lily, which is what I had at our wedding.
Hadley was Cinderella AGAIN! She was Cinderella two years ago. We did her hair up which is hard to see but she loved it.
The girls together.
At our Halloween Party at church we had dancing and dinner. Okay so I am not sure if you can count chips, chili and cheese as dinner. But we all had a great time. Hadley, Kim and Norah were dancing like crazy.

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Dents said...

Cute, I love the bride costume with authentic veil.