Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hadley Turns 4

Hadley wanted to help with her birthday cake. So here they are helping....

Hadley's birthday was a few weeks ago and I have not had access to the internet to post so I am a little tardy. Hadley's birthday was a lot of fun. I asked her for about a month before her birthday as to what she wanted. Everyone kept asking me so I kept asking her. All she said was a Cinderella dress. Once that idea was taken by Everett I asked her what else she wanted and her response was priceless. "Whatever you want to get me." So that is what I relayed to family and friends. She was so funny about the whole thing. I would ask her what she wanted for a cake and she said, "Whatever you want to make." That is her answer for everything now. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, what to wear, what to do, her answer is always "Whatever you want." It was getting a little old so I said, "Fine, I don't want anything." Her response was "Okay, neither do I." When she is really hungry she will voice her opinion but on a daily basis she has no opinion.

She wanted a Princess birthday so that is what she got. However she didn't want a castle cake like Kim she wanted a Barbie cake with lots of sparkles. I have edible glitter that we sprinkled all over the cake to make it shimmer.
Everett got Hadley the prized Cinderella and this picture describes how 'prized' that dress really is.

Hadley barely gets it up and Kim flys over there to see it. My camera was set up to let more light in but the pictures come out a little blurry but there was no question as to how fast Kim got over to see the dress.

Hadley shows off her loot while sitting next to Uncle Eric. Which is a shock in and of itself. Hadley took a while to warm up to him.


Abby said...

What a great birthday. I loved all the photos. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time.

Auntie Heather said...

I LOVE the cake picture! We were so happy that you live close enough we could share Hadley's birthday. It was great!

Heather said...

What a sweet little princess! The cake is awesome. My birthday is next month...hint, hint ;)