Sunday, October 28, 2007

Primary Halloween Party

We just had our Halloween Party for Primary on Friday. The girls were so excited to go that they were ready an hour before we had to leave.
Kim wanted to be Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) this year. That is all she has talked about since we went to Disneyland in Septemer.
Hadley on the other hand couldn't decide. So we went through several different ideas on what she wanted to be and finally she decided on a ballerina. We had rented Angelina the Ballerina from the library and she started dancing around the house. We got her some dancing slippers and she even wears them to bed.
Kim also has a school parade at school on Halloween and a party that they are looking forward to. So stay tuned for those pictures. :)


Abby said...

The girls look wonderful. I hope you guys have a wonderful Halloween. We miss you.

Heather said...

your girls are adorable. love the costumes!

Dents said...

What lovely little princesses

Jessica Jo said...

those are some great costumes!