Thursday, June 14, 2007

Fun Pictures of the Girls

Kim loves to take pictures of things around the house and when we go out off roading. She is actually really good at it. Instead of grounding her from toys we ground her from the camera. Here are some pictures.This is just a really cute picture of Kim.

We took some great pictures up in Vancouver when we were up there as well. These are the girls' glasses from Grammy & Auntie Heather.
The girls played with Grammie in a field with our cousin Norah and Auntie Heather. The girls had so much fun.

I know it is a fuzy picture but it does show my new hair style (cut and color).


The Skogen Family said...

Norah misses her cousins!! Love the new pics, can't wait to see more!

The Skogen Family said...

Hey! We saw the BeeBoh in the background!! hehehehehe

Jessica Jo said...

Fun Pics! I'm excited you guys have a blog! And your hair color is great for the summertime :)