Monday, January 15, 2007

Christmas 2006

Okay I know I am a little behind on this. I have brought my camera to work for the last 2 weeks with the intention of updating my Blog page after work but I haven't had a chance. I have been working like crazy. One class after another. I will put in pictures once I get my office put together. Which will happen next week. So Be looking for those pictures later.

This year we spent Christmas at our new home in Whittier, CA. It was just the 4 of us but we had a great time. We opend some presents on Christmas Eve and some on Christmas Day. We finally got a tree a week before Christmas but soon realized we didn't have any lights. The girls were so set on decorating the tree that we decorated it without any lights and then once I picked some lights up we had to undecorate and redecorate the tree. It made up for getting the tree so late in the season. The girls did really well this year in helping out. Hadley helped with the lights and Kim hung all the ornaments all on one side of the tree. Dave had to help her out with spreading them out over the entire tree. Overall we had a great time.

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The Skogen Family said...

These are the cutest girls I ever did see!